14 ways to boost your happiness

Very often we found ourselves feeling sad, stressed and just blah.
Tell me honestly, are you satisfied with your life or do you think you could improve your attitude towards life and your own happiness? Do you feel like the weight of the world keeps pulling you down ?

Depression and anxiety is unfortunately something very common nowadays. And you know what? I blame the society we live in. We spend our whole life running towards something, and that something often keeps slipping through our fingers.
Let me ask you, where is the point of it? We need to start treating  ourselves better, in order to feel better. Unfortunately, we don’t always have luxury of spending some time treating and nourishing ourselves. But, how can we be truly happy if we can’t properly take care for ourselves and our bodies?

The answer is that we can’t. We can only pretend and lie that we are happy, to ourselves and to others ( that’s what we unfortunately do most of the time ).

Nobody wants to live a non-happy life. Right?
So here are my little tips and ways to gradually become truly happy person,or even just to remind you to take care of your inner state and to take control over your emotions. Remember, you can’t overnight transform your whole world, this is the journey.
Learn to love it.

This article is for you if:

  • you feel depressed and anxious 
  • you have no time for yourself
  • you feel you are stucked in the same old routine you don’t want to be stuck in
  • you just need some inspiration
  • you want to be happier than you are now



  1. Listen to happy music

    Many studies have confirmed that listening to an upbeat songs can literally lift your mood, make you feel better and can even improve your health. So make for yourself a happy playlist, and listen to it actively when you’re feeling blue.

    Science behind it ( for ones who want to learn something new ): As we listen, music works on the autonomic nervous system. How? Well, your brain starts to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centres, and also helps with control movement and emotional response.

  2. Make your home cozy

    Create an environment where you and your family members or roommates feel your best, get organized and compromise over living arrangements, making your home cozy instead of cramped. Look at it as the absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming so you can take pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things.

  3. Make a cup of tea, coffee or whatever

    Pretty straight-forward. Do you have favorite type of tea, or coffee, or any other drink? Well, make it for yourself, sit down and relax. Give your self some free time to just don’t think at all, and to enjoy in your favorite drink. No, the world will not fall apart if you make a little time for yourself.

  4. Read a book, learn something new

    Like you need to nourish your body, you need to nourish your mind. Find yourself  some good book to read, or just learn one new thing  or fact every day. Train your brain, it will thank you, trust me.
    If you don’t have time to read throughout the day, read before sleeping, or the first thing in the morning to start your day in the productive and inspirational tone.

  5. Create art

    Best way to detox from negative emotions is to express them throughout the art. Draw, write, play instruments, dance it out, the possibilities are endless.

  6. Say good things to yourself

    Say only positive and beautiful things to yourself in front of the mirror. Repeat it few times every day. And I want you to mean it! This works like a charm, so give it a go.

  7. Watch the stars at night

    Yes, this one is very simple, but yet it can do wonders. Give yourself few minutes every night to let go of everything you want to let go, watch those stars, breathe deep and feel how your spirit lifts instantly.

  8. Get yourself an essential oil diffuser

    Essential oils have many benefits, but I will mention only some. It helps with relaxation and sleep, it can elevate your mood, they are great for reducing stress and inflammation and it can also improve your cognitive function. So what are you waiting for?

  9. Walk with nature

    Even a brief walk will help you relax instantly. Smell nature and observe life around you, breathe and listen carefully all the sounds you’re hearing, feel the sunshine on your skin or the wind in your hair. Learn to enjoy in this simple things.

  10. Cook a delicious meal

    Prepare yourself your favorite dish, enjoy in all the flavours.

  11. Smile like it’s the only expression you know

    ” Fake it till you make it”
  12. Turn your phone off

    Did you know that  three out of five people admitted to spending more of their free time on their computers than with their significant others. Well that’s the shame. So, turn your social media off and go out, see people you haven’t seen for a while, go to the beach,or to the park for a walk. It does require an extra effort to put yourself in front of other people, even the ones you live with – but the rewards you’ll reap from that company will outweigh anything you’ll find on social media.

  13. Meditate or practice Yoga

    I’ve been talking about meditation for a while now, so I wont dig too deep into this. There are many benefits of Meditation. It relaxes you, gives you peaceful mind and makes you spiritual.

    Scientific fact: Meditation  practice has been shown not only to benefit higher-order cognitive functions but also to alter brain activity. It increases grey matter as well as volume in areas related to emotion regulation, positive emotions and self-control.

  14. Journal + gratitude

    Keep little notebook around so you could vent if you feel like it, anywhere and anytime. Also, every night write at least ONE thing you are grateful for. Learning how to be grateful is one of the most important part of your journey to happier and positive mind. 

Pro tip: Start a compliment jar – for entire month, write down something you like about yourself every single day. At the end of the month, go through your positive thoughts and reflect on them.

Did you like this article? Please, leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Have a nice day!

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4 thoughts on “14 ways to boost your happiness

  1. It’s a great list that can instantly change the mood. However, for sustainable happiness we need to review our belief systems, thinking patterns and how we see ourself. We can let go off the limiting beliefs, the habit that drains us and make self awareness a priority. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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