How to simplify your life

Ideas for simplifying & amplifying your life quality

Let’s face it, life can be very hectic sometimes. Because of that, managing life and everyday tasks suddenly become more difficult.
Result? Stress increases, happiness, and health decreases.

Well, that sounds like a pretty good reason to learn how to simplify your own life.
Trust me, simple living can make you happier and healthier, it means that you are getting rid of all the extra noise in your life. As a result, you will have more time for the things you love and enjoy.


Oh, and one more thing, you don’t need to do everything on the list below, instead, see what works best for you. Even a small changes can make a big difference.

This article will:

give you some tips on simple living

inspire you to change your ways

teach you some interesting facts 


  1. Less TV and phone

    There’s no escaping screens in our society today. From TV, computers, and tablets to phones, e-readers ( and everything in between ), screens have become an integral part of our lives.
    I don’t know if you are familiar with the fact that the average person will spend 7 years and 8 months watching TV  and more than 6 years in a lifetime on social media.

    As it would be very unrealistic to give up screen time entirely we can at least try to spend less time using it.
    Can you imagine what you could do by reclaiming just half of those hours?

  2.  More moving your body

    Moving your body, just a little bit every day, can have a dramatic positive impact on your life and your life quality. Not only you will get in shape, but you will also improve your brain function, posture as well as reduce stress, sleep better and feel more energized and happier.

    The important thing is to do something that feels like fun and not a chore. Your body will thank you for it!

  3. Less rush, do it slowly and deliberately

    Very often we just run through our days too quickly, so we forget to enjoy in little things. I know I do!
    But also despite our best efforts, we just can’t be in constant motion and perform our best.

    Just by slowing down, you’ll enjoy things more, you’ll increase your productivity, and you’ll notice a big change in your performance.

  4. Stop multitasking habit

    Some people can, or rather think they can multitask successfully, but with a large amount of time it takes to refocus on a new task, many people cannot. Moreover, it turns out that 98% of the population doesn’t multitask very well. That means that multitasking will most likely reduce productivity by as much as 40% for that 98% population.
    Chronic multitaskers also have increased levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, which can damage the memory region of the brain.
    The truth is, your brain is not designed to do more than one thing at a time.

    So try to stop multi tasking and focus on one task at the time until completion and then move onto the next task.

  5. Develop little personal rituals

    Pretty much all of us have tiny daily rituals in our lives. Whatever they are, don’t underestimate how critical they are to your mental and physical health. Personal daily ritual can be anything, from exercise, meditation and morning routine to a private afternoon moment with a cup of coffee or tea.

    Establishing your own rituals can actually increase your focus and productivity as routine leaves less to chance so you can focus on performing your best.
    Also, something I’ve noticed since developing my own rituals is that I’m not constantly engineering and re-engineering my entire performance and I’m not over thinking it.


  6. Don’t overload yourself with work

    If you’re feeling overloaded with work, and overall everyday tasks, maybe it is time for you to start saying NO to extra work when you just don’t have the time. If you say yes to everything, you will most probably go insane eventually.

    Saying no allows you to have more time to focus on what you truly want, and that my friend will simplify your life.

  7.  Prioritize and organize

    Sometimes it may seem that there is just not enough hours in the day, so you don’t manage to complete all the tasks you wanted to complete and projects start to collect the dust on the top of your desk. But managing your time means working smarter – not longer. In other words, you need to learn how to prioritize.

    First of all, there’s a difference between a task that is important and a task that is urgent! Now, when we established that, I highly recommend you to prioritize your work by listing the things you need to do in order of their importance. You can then split your list into things to do ‘now’, ‘this week’ and ‘this month’.5d3bdfab73c9f27cb466b3ac69172e2e.jpg

    For instance, every Sunday I make new to do lists where I prioritize all the things I need to do, or I check lists I made previously to see what I’ve done and what I still need to do.
    That way I maximize my productivity and minimize wasting time.

    Pro tip: complete the most important and the most urgent tasks first.Make a list of your priorities and the things in life that are the most important to you. 

  8. Have a reminder app or a calendar

    That way you decrease chances of forgetting something that is important, such as your uncle’s birthday, or your grandparents anniversary.

  9. Carry a ‘worry journal’

    Every time you feel stressed, pull it out and write down everything on your mind at that moment – let it all out.
    You will lighten the emotional burden you feel by expressing your concerns on paper. As a result, this worry journal can help you work through your anxieties, it can help you in reducing your stress and help you to sleep better at night.
    I kid you not.

  10. Declutter and downsize your life.

    As I already wrote posts about decluttering and how too much physical and mental clutter is not good for us, I will repeat just a few of amazing benefits of decluttering.

  • saving money
  • spending less time on maintenance and repairs
  • spending less time on cleaning
  • reduction of anxiety and stress

    So, get rid of unnecessary mobile apps, declutter your desk, your home, your planner and your tasks. You will see the difference instantly in your life.


Did you like this article? Please, leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Have a nice day!

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2 thoughts on “How to simplify your life

  1. This is so well written and something that I needed to read today because life has been very overwhelming. It’s so easy to make yourself think you can multitask effectively, when in fact that I’ve found concentrating on one thing at a time saves time because I’m so much more productive. Will definitely be keeping these in mind! Hope you’ve had an amazing weekend so far x


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